Advantages of Conscious Sedation

Advantages of Conscious Sedation

An estimated 10 to 30 percent of Americans suffer from some degree of dental anxiety or phobia that often prevents them from seeking necessary care and treatments. Delaying and avoiding treatment can lead to deteriorating oral health problems and costlier, more extensive treatments when the problems are finally treated. Sedation dentistry can provide an alternative for the millions who find dental care to be intimidating.

Conscious sedation can provide safe and effective relief from anxiety and fear during dental treatment. Inhaled sedatives involve nitrous oxide, a gas with a long safety record. Nitrous oxide, which may also be called laughing gas, allows patients to feel pleasantly relaxed and comfortable quickly, and it will leave their system just as quickly. They will usually be able to drive themselves home after treatment.

Oral sedatives involve various oral medications that are usually prescribed to be taken at a specific time before treatment. The patient will need to be accompanied to and from the appointment for the sake of safety. Oral sedatives can provide powerful relief from mild to moderate anxiety.

Conscious sedation may create feelings of drowsiness or relaxation, but it will not lead to unconsciousness or unresponsiveness. Sedatives allow the most nervous or anxious patients to receive necessary dental care without fear or anxiety and can make even lengthy procedures seem to pass more quickly while reducing or altering the perception of pain.

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