Common Problems with Dentures

Common Problems with Dentures

Even with the best at-home maintenance, older dentures can present complications that only a dentist can fix. This is because your gums and dental ridges are constantly changing, causing the bony projections to deteriorate in a way that makes older dentures in particular problematic, in terms of fit.

As gums and bony ridges change shape, dentures can slide around in the mouth, causing painful swelling and soreness. To remedy this, older dentures should be adjusted, relined or replaced so that they will rest snugly on the gums. In contrast, it is also not uncommon for first-time denture wearers to experience discomfort as no amount of advanced dental technology can produce a pair of dentures that can take the place of biological teeth. Sore spots generally would not go away on their own unless some form of adjustments are made on your dentures, and leaving these sore spots unattended for too long can lead to serious infections.

Fractures and chips are another common issue that dentures wearers face. These imperfections are breeding areas for smelly bacteria that can lead to embarrassing bad breath, and should be fixed as soon as possible by a dentist before the bacterial growth gets out of control.

High-pigment foods and drinks can leave denture teeth looking brown and dingy. A great remedy for this is to have your dentures cleaned professionally at least once a year.

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your dentures, our dentist in Los Angeles can examine the structures inside of your mouth as well as your dentures to determine which treatment option will be best for you. After all, a healthy mouth is a happy mouth.