Dental Patients with Endocrine Disease

Dental Patients with Endocrine Disease

When you visit our office for a routine checkup or essential treatments, our dentist in Los Angeles may request current information about any medications you are taking or your health status. Thatís because your health and your dental health can be closely linked, and some treatment recommendations may depend on the health conditions you have or medications you take. Endocrine conditions, or conditions that affect the endocrine system, can affect your dental health.


Insulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent diabetes have strong links to periodontal disease. Those with diabetes need to brush and floss carefully to keep their teeth free of gum-irritating plaque and tartar. Regular dental visits on a recommended schedule can help catch dental health concerns earlier. Diabetics may be more prone to other dental health conditions, including dry mouth or candidiasis. Our dentist can offer specific treatment recommendations to provide relief and combat infection.

Addisonís Disease

Many who suffer from Addisonís disease will experience discoloration inside the oral cavity. Steroid treatment may be necessary to reduce the risk of adrenal crisis, particularly before extensive dental treatments, the placement of dental implants or treatment for dental infection.

Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

Those whose conditions are well-managed will generally not need any special treatment. However, those with uncontrolled hyperthyroid disease should not receive certain types of anesthetic while those with hypothyroid disease may experience exaggerated reactions if they are taking anticoagulants, CNS depressants, sedatives or narcotics. Those who are suffering from thyroid cancer may need fluoride treatments or saliva substitutes.

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