Different Teeth Whitening Options

Different Teeth Whitening Options

Those that are looking for ways to quickly and dramatically improve their appearance are turning to professional teeth whitening in increasing numbers. Our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist is proud to offer a full line of services that can painlessly transform our patientsí smiles. Here is a look at some of our most popular and effective treatments that can brighten your teeth.

The first thing that a patient should understand is the differences between various types of tooth discoloration. The most common type of staining is on the outside enamel of the teeth. This is referred to as extrinsic staining. When the staining is deeper in the teeth or begins at the pulp, it is called intrinsic staining.

Intrinsic staining cannot typically be fixed with most basic bleaching methods. They are going to require more advanced treatments such as dental veneers. Dental veneers are wafer thin pieces of porcelain that are custom made for each patient and attached to the front surface of the teeth.

For external stains, our Zoom whitening system is extremely advanced and effective. This process can be carried out in a single appointment that often lasts less than an hour. We will apply a peroxide-based gel to the teeth and then activate it with a specialty lamp that can brighten a smile by as much as 8 shades.

No matter the type of discoloration that you are suffering from, we have solutions that are going to work for you. Contact Wilshire Dental Care today to discuss what options you may have to painlessly brighten your smile.