Foods That are Bad for Your Teeth

Foods That are Bad for Your Teeth

In addition to brushing, flossing and making regular visits to our dentist in Los Angeles, a person who wants to have good dental health needs to avoid certain foods that are likely to cause tooth decay and other dental problems. Though it is not always possible to avoid all of these foods, a person should limit the amount of these foods that they consume.

Breakfast foods such as bagels, muffins and doughnuts are especially bad for teeth. These foods are damaging due to the combination of a sticky texture and high sugar content. Breakfast foods with seeds or sprinkles are especially problematic.

While everyone knows to avoid sugary candies for dental health, sour candies are just as bad. The strong tart flavor that makes these treats popular among children and adventurous adults is due to a high level of acidity. This acidity can cause deterioration of tooth enamel and lead to a variety of dental problems.

Many people consider diet soda to be a safer alternative to regular soda for dental health. However, diet soda has a number of tooth decaying properties from acids and artificial sweeteners. To support good dental health, a person should avoid drinking both regular and diet sodas. Fruit juice drinks also have both sugar and acid and should be avoided.

If a person does eat or drink one of these items, brushing and flossing afterward can reduce the damage. When brushing and flossing are not possible, swishing water around in your mouth or chewing sugar free gum can help to remove damaging food deposits.