Signs of Tooth Grinding

Signs of Tooth Grinding

There are several theories on why some people grind their teeth. Some experts believe that it is due to stress and anxiety; others believe there are deeper physiological causes. While no one is exactly sure what causes tooth grinding, the results are evident. Tooth grinding causes wear on the teeth that can eventually result in tooth loss and the need for our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles to do extensive replacement work.

Our Los Angeles dentist can give you a professional exam to determine if you exhibit signs of tooth grinding. While some people are aware that they have this habit, others have a special condition known as bruxism, in which patients grind their teeth during their sleep. They may be unaware of this until someone else points it out or until they begin to notice problems with their teeth, such as pain when chewing. Sometimes tooth grinding can also lead to jaw pain, especially first thing in the morning.

During a professional dental exam, our dentist will look for signs of bruxism, especially if you are complaining of tooth or jaw pain. There are several treatments for bruxism, including custom-made night mouth guards which protect your teeth and prevent you from damaging them with continual grinding.

If you require dental fillings as a result of tooth wear, our dentist can incorporate your bruxism treatment into your overall treatment plan, as well. By allowing our dentist to treat the totality of your condition, you will receive the best and most comprehensive care possible to deal with the effects of tooth grinding.

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