Teeth Whitening Treatments and Safety

Teeth Whitening Treatments and Safety

Many people are opting for teeth whitening treatments in order to eliminate stains and restore their smile to a brighter, whiter state. Not all bleaching treatments are equally effective, however. Some simply polish away surface stains while others take weeks or more to work. Still other whitening procedures may not be safe for at-home use.

For example, only a dental professional should administer any dental whitening procedure with a concentration of 15 to 35 percent peroxide. Strong whitening solutions have the potential to irritate gums, increase sensitivity or over-whiten teeth. Additionally, if you have any restorations, such as dental veneers or bridges, a dental professional will need to make adjustments to ensure natural looking results.

Whitening procedures can also cause enamel damage. Whitening toothpastes can wear dental enamel away if used regularly because they have harsh detergents and powerful abrasives. Over the counter bleaching products can thin enamel when they are used too frequently or if the directions are not carefully followed.

Our dentist can help ensure you have a safer, more satisfactory whitening experience. We will help you determine the best shade for your teeth and choose the procedure that is best for you. The strongest in-office whitening treatments combine a special whitening gel that is painted directly on teeth and then activated using a special ultraviolet or LED light. The light allows the peroxide to penetrate deep within the enamel and dentin of the teeth to break up stains and lift them away. Fluoride treatments may be recommended for use along with this type of whitening to reduce the risk of tooth sensitivity.

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