Tooth Sensitivity and Its Natural Remedies

Tooth Sensitivity and Its Natural Remedies

According to our dentist in Los Angeles, tooth sensitivity is caused when the underlying dentin of the tooth is exposed. This can happen when the gums recede away from the teeth or when the enamel that protects the teeth becomes porous. The dentin is sensitive because it is connected to nerve channels. When these channels are exposed to hot, cold, or sweet substances, it can be very uncomfortable. Many people these days are turning more toward natural remedies to correct problems with their health and there are many such remedies that can help with sensitive teeth.

Thiamine, more commonly known as Vitamin B1, can help with tooth sensitivity because it metabolizes the carbohydrates which promote bacteria. Make sure you consult with our dentist before you begin a thiamine regimen to ensure you are taking the proper dosage.

Calcium helps to strengthen bone tissue, including the teeth. A certain type of calcium called hydroxyapatite will also decrease the sensitivity of a persons teeth because it replenishes the tooth enamel needed to protect their teeth.

To help with the pain that is associated with tooth sensitivity, try using clove powder. This all-natural ingredient, when mixed with water to form a paste, can be applied to teeth to numb the pain.

All of these natural remedies have been proven to work effectively. If you have tried them all without much success, our dentist in Los Angeles may be able to recommend others or your teeth might require a more extensive procedure. Contact us today to find out which natural remedies would be right for your specific sensitivity issue.