What You Can Achieve with the Help of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

What You Can Achieve with the Help of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist is concerned about the health of your smile, but we are also committed to helping you achieve a more attractive smile. We understand that many people are self-conscious about their smiles due to stains, chips and other damage, and we offer several treatments that can straighten, repair, reshape or whiten your teeth.

Porcelain veneers are one option that can significantly improve the appearance of your teeth in just a few dental visits. Customized shells of porcelain, dental veneers can be bonded to the front of teeth to correct their shape, color, appearance or alignment. Porcelain veneers are less invasive than dental crowns, but they can still provide a durable, long-lasting restoration that enhances the appearance of teeth while concealing serious aesthetic problems.

Teeth whitening is another option. In a teeth whitening procedure, the structure of your teeth remains unchanged as a whitening solution is painted on or applied using custom-fit mouth trays. The bleach penetrates into the enamel and dentin of the teeth in order to break up stains from coffee, wine and other common substances and then lift them away. Some whitening treatments take just an hour.

Invisalign may be recommended for teeth that are uneven, gapped or overly crowded. Clear trays are used to move teeth gently into a healthier position. Treatment may take less than a year, and you will not have to worry about unsightly metal wires, brackets or hard-to-clean braces.

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