Your Diet and the Health of Your Teeth

Your Diet and the Health of Your Teeth

Almost everyone learns at an early age that too many sugary snacks are not good for your teeth. Did you know that the other foods you eat also have an effect on your oral health? Before you are obligated to visit our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist for expensive repair work to replace lost teeth, learn about how your diet affects your overall oral health so that you can make wise food choices and preserve your beautiful smile.

Our dentist in Los Angeles recommends that besides avoiding the sugary foods and sodas that do the most damage to your teeth, you should also assess your intake of critical vitamins and minerals which directly impact your oral health.

You should be enjoying a diet rich in calcium, the major building block of all bone, including teeth. While calcium supplements are better than no calcium at all, this mineral is absorbed best when it occurs naturally in your diet. Milk and dairy products and some vegetables are rich in natural calcium and should be included at least once a day in your food intake plan. Vitamins D and C are also crucial to overall and oral health.

If you want to keep your teeth in top condition, your diet should not be the only focus of your efforts. Daily oral hygiene and regular professional dental exams and dental cleanings should also be part of your plan to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Be sure to visit our dentist for the best advice in how to maintain your oral health and keep your teeth strong and beautiful.

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