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Kids Dentistry

Whether your child has been to the dentist already, or this is their first visit, our pediatric experts will make sure that their visit is comfortable and even fun! Our pediatric dentist is passionate about making sure that children look forward to going to the dentist. Make an appointment for your child today!

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Los Angeles Pediatric Dentistry

Great dental hygiene starts young. Mid-Wilshire Dental Care is here to help your children with their dental health in Los Angeles.

At Mid-Wilshire Dental Care, we believe that dental care should be included in a child’s daily routine as soon as possible. If you start young, children will be more excited about their dental health and have fewer problems when they are older. It is imperative to find a team that is not only knowledgeable about pediatric dentistry but is also passionate about it. Children need to be comforted and really need to understand what is happening at the dentist so that they don’t have a fear of dentistry. Our pediatric team specializes in creating a comfortable and educational environment for children.

Childhood is a critical time for your child’s dental health. Habits and hygiene that they learn now will transition with them into adulthood. Great oral health habits in youth will ensure that they don’t have adult dental issues. During this time, it is most important to work directly with your dentist and dental team to help children learn correct dental hygiene procedures. The pediatric team at Mid-Wilshire Dental Care are experts at working with children and teens, teaching them proper dental hygiene techniques and instilling the importance of regular dental care at a young age.

In addition to healthy habits, our team will help answer your children's and teens’ questions. In addition, we will make sure that they have their most confident smile, which directly affects their self-esteem. If your child is afraid of the dentist, we can help ease their fears and get them excited about their dental health. Mid-Wilshire Dental Care looks forward to making your family a part of our family.

6 Tips To Improve Your Kids Dental Experience

    Start Young: The earlier a child visits the dentist, the better. It's preferable that the first visit starts at age 1 or when the first tooth is visible.
    Keep it simple: When preparing for a visit, especially the first time, try not to include too many details, as unnecessary information can cause undue anxiety.
    Watch your words: Tell your child that we are looking for "sugar bugs" so we can clean them off their teeth. Don't use words like "shots," "hurt," or "pain."
    Avoid Bribery: Many experts do not recommend promising your child a special treat if they behave well at the dentist. This will only increase apprehension.
    Good Oral Hygiene: Teach your child that visiting the dentist is a necessity, not a choice, and that we will take care of his or her teeth so that they are strong and healthy enough to eat with.
    Pretend Visit: Before the first dentist appointment, play pretend. You be the dentist, and then let your child be the dentist. All you need is a toothbrush.

“I’m so happy with Mid-Wilshire Dental Care. My son has autism and at first I was skeptical because not everyone can deal with my son on a professional level. But I was surprised to see my son getting his teeth cleaned and fluoride placed on his teeth without even one outburst. The staff was kind and professional and treated my son like he has no challenges. My son is happy and I’m a happy parent. So YES, I will recommend family and friends to Mid-Wilshire Dental Care. Thanks to the staff and doctors for making my trip to the dentist less stressful.”

Samantha A.

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