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Dental Emergency

Mid-Wilshire Dental Care can treat your emergency toothache in Los Angeles.

Tooth pain is the worst! Severe tooth pain can signal a dental emergency. Many times, people put off their urgent dental needs, figuring it will go away. But tooth pain will not just go away. Dr. Bijan Afar and the patient and skilled team at Mid-Wilshire Dental Care are the best dental staff to treat any type of dental emergency. Some examples of the types of urgent dental issues we treat are toothaches, swelling, infections, abscesses, knocked out or broken teeth, lesions, bleeding gums, and much more. If you or your family member is in pain, give us a call today. Many urgent dental issues are easily treatable when handled in a timely manner. Don’t delay - call Mid-Wilshire Dental Care now!

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Emergency Dental Service

A dental emergency such as severe toothache or dental injury can be a stressful and painful experience. That’s why our aim is to be as flexible as possible to ensure an emergency dentist can see you within 24 hours. We are available to answer your questions 24/7.

A dental emergency includes any pain, swelling, or discomfort in the mouth. This includes the gums, teeth, and jaw. A toothache is the most common form of dental emergency. Severe toothache with swelling could indicate an abscess or infection and requires an urgent dental appointment, preferably within the next day or two. Please note that if you have suffered from a head injury, if you have unstoppable bleeding, or if swelling makes it difficult to breathe, then please head directly to the emergency room and schedule a follow up with the dentist.
Once you arrive at Mid-Wilshire Dental Care, you will be greeted by our calming dental staff that will help alleviate any anxiety you have. Dr. Bijan Afar will give you a thorough exam, take x-rays if needed and then come up with a treatment plan for your dental issue. He will then answer any questions you have and walk you through your plan, every step of the way. Remember - tooth pain will not just “go away” and could be indicative of a deeper issue or even an infection. But there is no need to worry - we are here to help. Let Mid-Wilshire Dental Care get you out of pain as soon as possible. Call us at (323) 931-2000 or click the 'appointments' button below.
Dental fear is completely normal! There is no need to be ashamed. Please let us know that you are having dental fear, so that we can walk you through every part of your treatment and alleviate your fears. We have many different options to help reduce pain and help you with anxiety that is related to the dentist.

Emergency Dental Treatments We Provide


Tooth Extraction

We provide emergency services for your tooth extraction to get rid of extreme discomfort and pain. Our experienced dentists use the latest techniques and equipment to offer quick extraction procedures without any pain. By choosing our services, we ensure you complete peace of mind so that you can get effective and prompt care during urgency.

Tooth Filling

A tooth filling can repair your broken, decayed or damaged tooth. This quick and painless method can be performed during an emergency to prevent further damage and restore tooth function. The fitting is made of strong material like amalgam or composite resin and then molded and shaped to match the color of natural teeth.

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Dental emergencies can take place at any time, so we provide immediate denture services to patients. Whether it is a lost or broken denture, we are always there to render help so that you can regain your smile and confidence. Our experts will work together to provide you with a comfortable and durable denture quickly.

Dental Crowns

You should understand the importance of fixing a fallen-out or loose crown. We offer you with a new crown to restore your appearance in times of emergency. Our experienced dentists use state-of-the-art technology and techniques for your natural-looking crown in one appointment.

What Should I Do in a Dental Emergency?

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We will get you in and get you out of toothache pain as quickly as possible, but until then, here are a few things you can do.

    Milk Bath: If you have a tooth knocked out or broken, submerge the tooth or broken fragment in milk (or salt water).
    Salt Water Rinse: If you have cut or damaged your lips, tongue or gums rinse with salt water and put gauze on the affected area.
    Denture Glue: If a crown or filling falls out make an appointment right away; you may use denture glue to secure it temporarily.

“Needing to find a dentist in a hurry due to a toothache, I felt very fortunate to have found Dr. Poneh; she was able to see me the very next day. Not only did she promptly take care of my immediate needs, but she and her staff got me back on a program of returning to proper dental health and care. Not only have I found Dr. Poneh and her staff to be consummate professionals, but they treat their patients with the utmost respect and courtesy. Having always had extreme anxiety about visiting the dentist, I found that Dr. Poneh and her wonderful staff made it much easier for me to return for regular care.”

Dennis W.

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