Avoiding Sports Related Oral Injuries

Avoiding Sports Related Oral Injuries

Those that decide to lead a very active lifestyle are often going to be able to enjoy the many health benefits that will accompany their activities. Unfortunately, they also may be putting themselves at risk for injuring their teeth and gums while engaging in sports. This is why it is exceedingly important for everyone to understand the basics of avoiding injuries to the mouth and what restorative dentistry options may be available if one of these events does happen.

The easiest step to take is by wearing a customized mouth guard at all times. Many athletes, especially children, will often find these dental appliances uncomfortable, and that is why it is often best to find a fitted mouth guard to promote using them more frequently. It is also important to use a helmet or face guard if at all possible in sports that allow it.

Many patients find themselves injured due to the fact that they have left dental appliances in while playing. Examples of this would be an individual that has left their retainer and it resulted in cracking their tooth.

For those that have chipped their teeth, lost a tooth, or received damage to their gums, our Los Angeles dentist has a full line of services to restore the form and function of oneís mouth. Our services include dental implants, dental bondings, veneers, and more.

If you and your loved ones lead an active lifestyle, it is important to understand that health always comes first. With these few simple steps, a vast majority of injuries can be prevented.