Oral Care for People Suffering from Diabetes

Oral Care for People Suffering from Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that affects every aspect of your life. If you suffer from diabetes, you already know that the disease can have an impact on what foods you can eat and the types of exercise you perform. Did you also know that diabetes can affect your oral health and that there are special precautions you should take in your oral hygiene routine? Our Los Angeles dentist wants you to have the facts about diabetes and oral care.

A professional dental cleaning twice a year is important for everyone, but it is crucial for those with diabetes. You must allow your dentist to examine your mouth regularly as many serious conditions are discovered during a routine checkup. Regular dental exams and cleanings are the best way to spot problems early that may affect the rest of your overall health.

Diabetics also suffer from gum disease at a higher rate than the general population. The exact reason for this is unclear, but there seems to be a relationship between infections of all types and high blood sugar. Gum disease can cause serious infections that can raise your blood glucose levels and cause other health problems.

People with diabetes also suffer from higher rates of other oral diseases such as thrush, a fungal infection, and dry mouth, which may be caused by certain medications. In short, people who suffer from diabetes should be extremely careful of their oral health and report any problems to a dentist immediately.

Find out how you can improve your teeth and gums if you have diabetes by visiting our dentist and take control of your oral health.

Visit ADA.org to learn more about the effects of diabetes on your oral health.