Whitening Treatments for Individuals with Tooth Sensitivity

Whitening Treatments for Individuals with Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth can make enjoying your favorite foods and beverages almost impossible. They do not have to make teeth whitening impossible, though. Whether you have mild stains from coffee and tea or more severe stains caused by nicotine, our expert in teeth whitening in Los Angeles can help.

Professional whitening treatments are the best choice for those with sensitive teeth. Our dentist will evaluate your smile thoroughly to determine the cause of sensitivity. Untreated dental health issues can increase your risk of tooth sensitivity, but are highly treatable. We will work with you to address those issues and restore your gorgeous smile.

Worn enamel can also increase your risk for sensitivity. Unfortunately, some types of whitening treatments can worsen erosion-related sensitivity. Our dentist can help you determine the best whitening treatment for your teeth. We have in-office whitening and take-home treatments that can reduce treatment time and whiten your teeth without painful results. Our dentist can also provide you with post-whitening fluoride treatments, which can strengthen your teeth and help reduce the risk of sensitivity.

Maintain your newly whitened teeth by reducing your consumption of coffee, tea, wine and soft drinks. Use a straw when possible to reduce contact between the liquids and your teeth, and rinse with water after consuming any stain-causing foods and drinks.

Brush your teeth twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush and sensitivity toothpaste and floss daily to reduce the risk of superficial stains. Contact our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist or to schedule your next appointment.