Your Dental Health and Risk of Dementia

Your Dental Health and Risk of Dementia

Keeping your teeth clean and visiting our dentist in Los Angeles regularly can reduce your risk of dental problems. Many studies have linked good dental health to good overall health, and new research has linked your dental health to your brain health as well.

Researchers at the University of California followed more than 5,000 people for nearly two decades. Those who brushed their teeth at least one a day were less likely to develop dementia. In fact, people who skipped brushing were 65 percent times more likely to develop dementia.

The study, which was published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society,î focused on participants had no cognitive declines at the beginning of the study, and they were most likely to be of high socioeconomic status. When the study ended after 19 years, more than 25 percent of women who rarely brushed had dementia. The link between poor dental hygiene and dementia in men was not as strong. However, men who had suffered tooth loss were significantly more likely to develop dementia.

Study authors theorized that the bacteria linked to gum disease can infiltrate the brain, where it causes inflammation and brain damage. Alzheimer's patients are more likely to have the bacteria linked to gum disease in their brains.

Although there is no evidence that poor dental hygiene causes dementia, the link between oral bacteria and numerous health problems, including cognitive decline, is strong. Contact our office today to schedule your next professional cleaning and learn about how you can keep your teeth stronger and healthier.